Business and Economics Research Group (BERG)


The Business and Economics Research Group at Ho Chi Minh City Open University (OU) has been established to achieve the following objectives:

  • To enhance and strengthen research capacities for staff and research students at OU by defining selected areas of research in business and economics which are unique to OU.
  • To exchange/share research ideas and to conduct joint research with highly regarded scholars from international universities/institutes.
  • To increase research’s outputs from highly ranked international journals, including journals/books indexed in SCOPUS and/or ISI and/or Australia’s ABDC Rankings from B and above.
  • To provide assistance to research activities in business and economics at OU.

Focused Research Areas

Members of the BERG have been defining and developing research expertise in the following areas:

  • Asset pricing (Cost of capital/capital asset pricing models);
  • Value at Risk and Distance to Default;
  • Fiscal Federalism/Decentralization & Inequality;
  • Exchange rate policy; and
  • Regional Economics.

Our team

Dr Duc Vo

Tan Vu
Senior Researcher

Chi Ho
Senior Researcher

Thach Pham
Research Director

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We’re hiring

Jobs at BERG

Anh Vo
Principal Researcher

Thang Nguyen
Senior Researcher

Dai Tran
Principal Researcher