Business and Economics Research Group (BERG)


The Business and Economics Research Group at Ho Chi Minh City Open University (OU) has been established to achieve the following objectives:

  • To enhance and strengthen research capacities for staff and research students at OU by defining selected areas of research in business and economics which are unique to OU.
  • To exchange/share research ideas and to conduct joint research with highly regarded scholars from international universities/institutes.
  • To increase research’s outputs from highly ranked international journals, including journals/books indexed in SCOPUS and/or ISI and/or Australia’s ABDC Rankings from B and above.
  • To provide assistance to research activities in business and economics at OU.

Focused Research Areas

Members of the BERG have been defining and developing research expertise in the following areas:

  • Asset pricing (Cost of capital/capital asset pricing models);
  • Value at Risk and Distance to Default;
  • Fiscal Federalism/Decentralization & Inequality;
  • Exchange rate policy; and
  • Regional Economics.

Our team

Dr Duc Vo

Phat Le
Associate Researcher

Chi Ho
Associate Researcher

Thach Pham
Research Director

Tan Vu
Senior Researcher

Phuong Ho
Associate Researcher

Thang Nguyen
Senior Researcher

Dai Tran
Principal Researcher

Anh Vo
Principal Researcher